What is ibogaine? It’s an isolated active alkaloid that’s being used as part of our complete healing system at Ibogaine Sanctuary. Ibogaine doesn’t only treat heroin addiction, which has been sweeping our nation but it can also treat other addictions, like methadone, suboxone, cocaine, alcohol, etc.

At Ibogaine Sanctuary, we only offer total healing with the administration of ibogaine. Compared with the conventional medicines provided by traditional rehabs, ibogaine is non-addictive. This means that further use won’t be necessary.

It cleanses the body and resets the brain so it goes back to its pre-addicted state. You’ll feel like your memory of dependency has been removed from your system.

Our real healing system at Ibogaine Sanctuary involves holistic and organic therapy that heals you down to a cellular level, which makes other addiction specialists baffled.

For the past five years, our system defies the old system being taught and used by addiction counselors.

What is Ibogaine

In addition to ibogaine, we also provide other natural, plant-based medicines and holistic therapies that can completely heal your addiction so you’ll never have to be dependent on drugs. After 72 hours of ibogaine treatment, your cravings diminish. Your desire to use prescription drugs ends so you can regain your life.

At Ibogaine Sanctuary, we’ll help you embrace a life without those drugs that have been taking over your life for years. Through our one-on-one session, you’ll learn how to completely recover and avoid slipping through the cracks.

Our life changing treatments are considered to be the life line of all addicts who have come here for help. The real healing system that we employ is the most advanced addiction system that reverses alcoholism and drug addiction.

The holistic therapies that we have in our drug rehab touches many aspects of your life to realign your body, removes all poisons from your body, and eliminates imbalances that have been causing you to become chemical dependent.

Our list of holistic therapies doesn’t involve group meeting theory, which is shown to be ineffective 95% of the time. Instead, we only provide one-on-one talk therapy to help you stay in the course. While you’re recovering, you need undiviided attention and real food to finally cure your addiction.

And this should be the addiction treatment system in the US. We should have a real treatment that’s void of medications and group meetings, which would only make you embrace the lie that addiction can never be cured. This means that once you’re an addict, you’ll die an addict. It’s a lie. You can be cured.

Let’s help you out and teach you what is ibogaine by visiting us or enrolling with our system through: www.ibogainesanctuary.com