Ibogaine Therapy

Ibogaine therapy is based on the fact that ibogaine has proven to have therapeutic benefits to individuals that are suffering from drug addiction, especially opiate addiction. This naturally occurring substance is now recognized as a drug that reduces drug withdrawal symptoms vastly. It is also capable of interrupting brain pathways that may have been conditioned in a way that supports addiction. When used in large doses, ibogaine has show to temporarily eliminate cravings for substances. It is the active substance in the root of the African Tabernanthe iboga. This plant is used in West African rituals and traditional ceremonies in Bwiti religion. The roots of this plant have strong and lasting psychedelic qualities.

Ibogaine Uses

At our drug rehab center, we have used iboigaine therapeutically in treating addiction for opiates. This substance has proven effective in decreasing self-administration of opiates, stimulants and alcohol. We have also used it to reduce withdrawal symptoms among patients that are struggling with opiates addiction. Our experts have also used this substance to reduce cravings for cocaine and opiates in patients that have used them for a long period. Additionally, we use ibogaine in treating co-occurring disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. The psychological effects of this substance has proven effective in helping individuals view challenging experiences objectively while facilitating the closure of emotional conflicts that have not been resolved.

Ibogaine and How it works

Therapeutic effects of ibogaine have been very important since they have enabled many patients to overcome their addictions at our ibogaine rehab center. This acts on the receptor systems in the brain. Studies have shown that it works by resetting the pathways for dopamine uptake in human brain. This helps in stopping the conditioned responses to the drugs that a patient has been abusing. It is believed that this substance also changes the patterns of habitual thoughts while restoring normal neurochemistry levels. In addition, this substance has psychedelic qualities which are beneficial to individuals with difficult psychological concerns which lead to drug abuse.

Ibogaine treatment cost

We know that cost of treatment plays a vital role when it comes to making decision on when and where to seek treatment for drug addiction. However, when thinking about undergoing ibogaine treatment, it is important that you assess your unique needs. You should also understand what is included and what is needed by your treatment. Also consider the amenities that you will enjoy while undergoing ibogaine treatment. Additionally, consider the kind of services that you will receive at the ibogaine treatment facility. At our center, we provide quality amenities to patients as they undergo treatment for drug addiction. We maintain a high expertise level that is required to ensure that you enjoy the therapeutic benefits of ibogaine fully. We have a therapeutic team that specializes in providing psychedelic assisted therapy. We aim at helping patients access the full ibogaine transformation potential and solidify this transformation in their daily lives. As such, we charge all inclusive costs for ibogaine treatment while prioritizing on quality care and ensuring that patients recover from drug addiction fully.

Comprehensive Ibogaine Services

We know that intensive counseling and aftercare are also important for patients that are undergoing ibogaine therapy. As such, we provide comprehensive treatment which includes counseling and aftercare. Some patients require more than one ibogaine treatment session. There are also individuals who relapse into addiction again. Our professional team of counselors, therapists and medical practitioners work tirelessly to ensure that patients undergo effective and successful ibogaine treatment. Each patient is enrolled in a customized treatment program to ensure that their addiction treatment needs are addressed fully. While at our addiction treatment center, patients get a chance to introspect and reflect on their addiction and life in general. This implies that once you seek treatment at our rehab center, you will not just receive ibogaine treatment. You will also have an intense and transformative experience that will enable you to lead a drug-free life after leaving our rehab center.

Ibogaine provides long term solution to drug addiction, substance dependency, mental disorders and emotional trauma. Our facility provides affordable ibogaine treatment cost to allow you and your loved ones access to quality treatment for drug addiction. Get in touch with us today if you or your loved one needs ibogaine treatment.