The addiction to heroin is one that has grown to epidemic proportions in the United States. While the use and abuse of heroin has gone up over one thousand percent in 10 years, the number of treatment centers in that same time has almost doubled. Unfortunately, the number of treatment centers available is not the real problem but the job that they are trying to do is. The treatment system in the U.S. is damaged and no one is taking steps to fix it.


What needs to come along is a system that takes a more holistic approach and considers the importance of the entire person – mind, body and soul – so it can all be restored and the damage from heroin addiction undone. A method that returns the addict to a state they were at before addiction occurred, before prescription medicines were introduced and before a patient was told they could never be healed. This type of treatment will provide patients with a method that gives them the power they need to truly heal and be inspired to go on.


Such an approach does exist at The Holistic Sanctuary. The Holistic Sanctuary does not just deal with addiction but works to cure addiction, going beyond standard methods that have failed time and again to introduce a new method that has stunned specialists around the world by providing a method of treatment never seen before to help patients be CURED.


At The Holistic Sanctuary the use of natural elements only are used during treatment to offer a way of healing for the mind, body and soul that helps to re-build the brain and body to how it was before addiction through the use of oxygen, the sun, nutrients and other holistic methods.


The method makes use of The Ibogaine Cure, a method involving the use of Ibogaine, a natural root that has been used for thousands of years and has shown great success in not just treating but curing people of drug cravings and addiction. This method, combined with other treatments, infusion therapies, a natural diet and extensive one-on-one sessions are all very different from traditional centers and their treatments, going beyond 12 step programs, group treatments and other methods that have a high failure rate. Patients thrive and succeed in this holistic atmosphere so that real healing can occur.


The Ibogaine Cure is part of the proprietary treatment method used at The Holistic Sanctuary and created by Johnny the healer. This method has been proven to work time and again by hundreds of patients who failed using other methods at traditional facilities. The great success of the program has made Johnny the Healer a man that stands out in the field of addiction treatment.