The freedom of getting over a drug habit, that has held you hostage for a long time, can at times only be understood by someone, who has been through the same journey.  Johnny the Healer is one such person and it is for this particular reason that he set up The Holistic Sanctuary to offer a long lasting solution to drug addiction. If 90 days is completed, the program run by Johnny guarantees patients a permanent cure for any drug addiction PTSD or depression they face, which essentially gives them a chance to start their lives over gain. The treatment options offered are usually based on the use of plant medicines that have been proven to be effective in such treatments.

The Holistic Sanctuary offers treatment options that completely change the life of the person on the program. Our Ayahuasca treatment program is recognized all over the world with many people traveling to the center to seek solutions to their drug addictions. The foundation of this particular treatment is the use of the medicinal plant known as Ayahuasca. The plant has been in use on parts of South America to treat different ailments which have also translated into the healing of drug addicts from their disease. Nevertheless, the founder of The Holistic Sanctuary, Johnny The Healer has interacted with the plant before and even acknowledges its abilities when it comes to providing a cure for drug addiction.

One on one Treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary

Treatment using Ayahuasca is usually done in a retreat format where you go through the whole process as a group. The group setting is a good way for those seeking to be cured of their addiction to getting motivation to achieve their final goal and leave the center healed. Although the session may take place as a group, the staff in charge will still offer personalized treatment to ensure that everyone is moving forward towards a drug-free life.

Ayahuasca treatment has been proven to be safe especially when administered by a professional which is the path this treatment center has chosen to follow with their patients. The patients are consistently monitored when on our program and adjustments made to their treatment when necessary to ensure satisfactory results.

Johnny The Healer Reviews the set up The Holistic Sanctuary in such a way that everyone that joins feels like they are the only ones at the center. The services resemble those of a high-class hotel located along white sandy beaches with the only difference being the administration of treatment to cure the drug addiction. Personalized care is one of the upsides of getting treated at the holistic sanctuary using Ayahuasca as everything is done with one goal in mind, which is to make sure you are fully recovered by the time the program comes to a conclusion.

The Holistic Sanctuary Reviews by patients that have experienced the Ayahuasca treatment offered at The Holistic Sanctuary is largely positive, with a large number crediting it for their healing from addiction. The treatment which is done in a series of steps gives patients a chance to look inside and discover the real causes of their addiction and deal with it so that they are healed. For most Reviews Of The Holistic Sanctuary, this time, of introspection is considered to be turning point for most of them as they are able to take back the control they had given to drugs and, therefore, have a chance to live the life they have always desired.

Even so, The Holistic Sanctuary Complaints about the Ayahuasca treatment also exist with many of them being due to a lack of understanding of how it works in the body to cure addiction. The simplicity involved in the use of Ayahuasca as part of the treatment at the center baffles many that were expecting a complicated process leading to the cure of those affected by drugs.

Overall, Ayahuasca treatment offered at The Holistic Sanctuary has a guarantee of success for those looking to be completely healed of addiction. The only thing one needs to do is to have an open mind and be willing to fully immerse themselves in the activities of the retreat and soon they will be experiencing permanent deliverance from drug addiction.

Please allow The Holistic Sanctuary To Review your case and let us help you heal.

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