ibogaine clinic reviewsOur primary mission is to provide safe, comfortable, and affordable Ibogaine therapy, and to that end, our staff has been trained by the world’s foremost experts in Ibogaine administration. Your all-inclusive stay at The Ibogaine Sanctuary will be individualized by our staff according to your needs and the severity of your addiction.

We have been providing Ibogaine treatments since early 2000, and have a higher success rate than any other Ibogaine facility in the world – more than 600 successful treatments between our founders and the Ibogaine providers that we staff!

CEO and Founder Johnny Tabaie lost his mother to crack cocaine, his brother to a drug-related suicide, and he was an addict himself until he learned about Ibogaine Detox treatments and healed himself 6 years ago. Since then, he has dedicated his life to helping as many people as he can to help heal others from their addictions. He has a background in the healing arts of Chi Gong, Reiki (Certified Reiki Master), and Pranic healing (Certified Pranic Healer), and has been a certified fitness trainer for 15 years. Tabaie also has years of experience with Raw Super Food Nutrition and meditation.

With board certified physicians who specialize in emergency medicine and registered nurses on site 24/7 to provide patient monitoring, The Ibogaine Sanctuary is staffed and equipped to handle any medical emergency. Call now to get started on the journey to regain your life! 310-601-7805