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Methadone Addiction Treatment

Ibogaine Methadone Treatment: The Best Methadone Addiction Treatment

Methadone is prescribed to many people to provide stability while disusing the addictive drug, usually pharmaceutical opiates or heroin. However, methadone is addictive and many people become long term addicts when they use it because withdrawing from using it has severe withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, methadone addiction treatment is now possible with ibogaine. At our rehab, we have treated many methadone addicts safely and effectively using ibogaine. Many patients have given up after rehab and detoxification attempts that tend to have a revolving door pattern. Eventually, these have switched to some types of maintenance. This has made methadone one of the most popular maintenance opiates. At our rehab, we have helped many patients overcome methadone addiction using ibogaine.

Effective detoxification

Ibogaine provides the best and most effective detoxification from methadone. Methadone is not like buprenorphine. It is a form of pure agonist just like heroin and this makes it very compatible with the ibogaine therapy. When ibogaine is used to treat methadone addiction in a medically fit environment, it yields a high success rate. When a patient undergoes methadone detoxification using ibogaine, most withdrawal symptoms that are associated with this drug are eliminated safely. The treatment provides tremendous relief from post-acute withdrawal syndrome. At our rehab center, we have a team of experienced medical specialists that help patients deal with methadone addiction in the most effective and safe manner. This team monitors the detoxification process while providing help that patients need to detoxify fully.

Why ibogaine offers the best treatment for methadone addiction

Ibogaine is currently the best treatment that helps patients in getting methadone off their systems. It works on the natural receptors in the human brain. This way, this psychoactive alkaloid eliminates the cravings for the addictive drug while enabling the brand to generate the chemicals that are needed to facilitate healthy recovery. This alkaloid is very effective in treating methadone addiction because it resets the brain and this puts the addict on a full recovery track. Nevertheless, ibogaine methadone treatment should be administered by experienced specialist doctors because not every patient can be treated for methadone addiction using ibogaine. At our rehab, we screen patients carefully to ensure that they are fit for ibogaine treatment before admitting them for treatment.

Ibogaine treatment program

We have a very simple program for treating methadone addicts using ibogaine. We use this psychoactive alkaloid to eliminate drug cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Our program is customized as per the unique needs of the patient. Different patients respond differently to ibogaine treatment. As such, our specialist doctors monitor patients carefully to adjust their treatment programs as necessary. Our programs are designed to not only provide treatment for the physical effects of methadone addiction, but also psychological effects of the drug as well.

Treating the whole person

Just like other addictive drugs, methadone affects different aspects of a person. Our methadone addiction treatment is all-inclusive and comprehensive. We focus on eliminating addiction, helping patients cope with physical and psychological issues of addiction and learn how to cope with triggers. Our team comprises of an experienced medical staff that is always on-site led by medical doctors who specialize in using ibogaine to treat addicts. Ensuring safety of the patients is our main priority.

Our rehab center has provided the best ibogaine experience to patients. We are sure that you will also have the best experience when you seek treatment for methadone addiction at our rehab. If you or a loved one wants to undergo ibogaine methadone treatment, contact us today. We assure you the best treatment and experience.

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