luxury ibogaine centers

Luxury ibogaine centers aim at helping individuals that are suffering from alcohol and drug addiction to overcome their addiction. Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance that comes from the root bark of Tabernanthe iboga. It is a psychedelic drug that is used in treating alcohol and drug addiction because it has the ability to eliminate the withdrawal symptoms of these drugs. If it is your first time to seek treatment for drug addiction, you might wonder what you can expect from our luxury treatment center. Perhaps, you think that a drug addiction center is a lock-up facility for addict. Our addiction treatment center will change your perception of addiction treatment centers completely.

Luxury and Comfort

At our treatment center, we redefine how people with drug addiction are rehabilitated. We do this by allowing you to undergo rehabilitation in a facility whose environment is similar to that of a 5-star hotel. This means that you do not have to dread the notion of  living in a rehabilitation center. Just like the name suggests, you undergo treatment for drug addiction in a luxurious environment with all the amenities and services that you need to recover from drug addiction.

Effective Treatment Programs

Luxury ibogaine treatment centers use customized treatment programs in helping patients to overcome their addictions. At our facility, we have always been changing how we offer therapy to patients. We have always addressed the environment of our rehab center to ensure that you do not fear our rehab center. This implies that our treatment center has the most effective environment for you to recover from drug addiction. Our treatment programs include ibogaine which is an evolving treatment that strengthens natural therapy for drug addiction. Each of our treatment programs is tailored in a way that ensures that all needs of the patients are addressed at personal levels.

Standby Professionals

We know that patients respond to treatment for drug addiction differently. The severity of withdrawal symptoms varies among patients, especially at the detoxification stage. As such, we have standby professionals that are always ready to provide assistance that you need while undergoing treatment for drug addiction. We consider rehabilitation for drug addiction as a type of treatment. Therefore, out medical practitioners are always available to provide help when required. Since we provide luxury treatment to our patients, we have medical experts on site. These are specifically trained and experienced in dealing with ibogaine therapy effects. Perhaps, this makes our rehab center the safest place for you or your loved one to undergo treatment for drug addiction.

Successful treatment

Our rehab center has been very successful in enabling patients to recover from drug addiction. This can be attributed to our treatment approach that entails the use of tested and proven methods for treating patients. It is also due to the training and experience of our staff. We know that the medical staff that offers therapy and other treatments to patients plays a significant role in ensuring the success of the treatment programs. Therefore, unlike

Therefore, unlike some luxury ibogaine centers, we have always maintained a team of highly trained and experienced counselors, therapists, nurses and doctors. These provide comprehensive treatment to patients round the clock.

Optimal treatment

We are familiar with ibogaine pharmaco-dynamics and how it interacts with different molecules including those of cocaine, heroin and other drugs. Therefore, we come up with treatment protocols structures on the basis of the most appropriate response to any situation. The episode of every treatment is custom-tailored as well as optimized for the unique medical condition of the patients that is undergoing ibogaine treatment. In cases where the patient has heavy addiction for narcotic analgesics like methadone, buprenorphine or OxyContin, the treatment duration is usually extended. However, in most cases patients stay in our treatment center for one week.

Ibogaine has showed amazing abilities to remove withdrawal symptoms in individuals that are addicted to various drugs like alcohol, suboxone, methadone, cocaine, heroin, opiate medications, subutex and methamphetamines among others. This natural substance provides an effective, safe and gentle detoxification to patients with different addictions. It is very effective in relieving withdrawal symptoms for stimulants. However, you should undergo ibogaine treatment at a reputable rehab center. If you are looking for a luxury ibogaine treatment center, look no further. Simply get in touch with us today.