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Johnny the Healer Holistic Sanctuary Reviews and Complaints

The Holistic Sanctuary Reviews: Johnny the Healer Reviews

Many addiction treatment centers have emerged over the recent pasts. Recovering addicts and their loved ones have written different reviews about these rehabs. The Holistic Sanctuary is one of the most popular rehab centers today. This rehab focuses on treating drug addiction using a holistic approach called The Pouyan method. This method employs an all-natural approach in treating addiction, depression, alcoholism, PTSD and trauma among others. The focus of this addiction treatment center is to eliminate the stigma that is generally associated with the traditional treatment for drug addiction and the overall recovery. The facility promotes a system that treats drug addiction and related problems.

What do people say about the addiction treatment approach?

In majority of The Holistic Sanctuary reviews, recovering addicts and their loved ones appreciate the effectiveness of the Pouyan method. They say that this method is based on extensive research, application and development. Basically, the method is inspired by several life-changing events that almost cost the founder of the facility everything. The method was founded in the efforts to transform his life and bring addiction to an end. It was after trying many conventional treatments that the founder of the facility came up with this method. Today, it has enabled thousands of people to overcome addiction without recovering addicts writing The Holistic Sanctuary complaints.

About founder

This facility was founded by Johnny The Healer on a rather sad note. It was after losing his mother due to cocaine addiction 17 years ago that he founded the facility. He also lost a brother who committed suicide in 2001 due to drug abuse. At this time, he was undergoing treatment for drug addiction at a rehab. It seemed like drug addiction was within him. He tried everything he could to overcome addiction in county rehab, custody rehab, medication therapy, 12 steps meetings, and high-end rehabs but nothing bore fruits. Luckily, even after all the attempts turned futile he did not lose the drive to overcome addiction. It was this struggle that enabled him to realize that addiction is a disease and it can be cured with holistic treatments and alternative treatments. He conducted research that enabled him to reprogram his own mind and end cravings for the addictive drugs. Eventually, he brought addiction to an end and started the process of reversing the damage that drug use had caused him. It was this success that made him focus on helping others by establishing this facility.

What do people say in Johnny The Healer reviews?

Many people have written reviews about Johnny in which they express their respect for him. Many people observe that some people in his situation would have given up but he did not. According to most people, Johnny is a person that is determined and passionate about helping other people overcome addiction. His approach to treating addiction is based on personal experience and struggles including losing loved ones to drug addiction. Apart from taking an all-natural approach towards addiction treatment, Johnny performs dual diagnosis. This ensures that even the underlying issues or causes of addiction are dealt with during the addiction treatment period. Perhaps, it is this approach that has made it possible for people who have undergone treatment for drug addiction at the facility not to write Johnny The Healer complaints.

The best experience

While seeking treatment for drug addiction, you most likely want to have the best experience during your treatment. You will realize you can get this by reading the majority of The Holistic Sanctuary reviews. However, you can contact this facility for more information.

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