Ibogaine is an effective cure for treating substance dependence, including opiate, nicotine, cocaine, methamphetamine, and alcohol, among others.

As regards to the number of sessions to finally be cured from opiate dependence, this will depend on your system. One patient may be cured for a single treatment series while another patient may need more.

What it is clear here is that your addiction to any type of prescription or illegal substance will be cured, as long as you’re ready to accept the changes in your life as a result of being healed.

Why it works in curing opiate dependence?

Conventional treatments will only give you another substance that’s addicting. But ibogaine is different.

It may be poorly studied because it’s still illegal in the US and some parts of the world. But those who have experienced and undergone this type of treatment knew how effective ibogaine is.

First, it will stop opiate withdrawal symptoms. They may still be pains and aches associated with the withdrawal. But they’re not severe.

Then, your cravings will significantly reduce. Once you abstain from using opiate, your body will start looking for it. Through the administration of ibogaine in your system, you won’t feel any cravings or hunger for opiate.

After that, you’ll gain insights about the reasons you’re using those drugs and alcohol. This is what makes ibogaine effective in curing addiction. Conventional treatments just mask the symptoms of your addiction but this holistic treatment tackles and treats the underlying reason of your addiction.

Does Ibogaine Truly Cure Opiate Dependence with One Series of Treatment


What exactly is ibogaine?

It’s derived from an African shrub that has psychedelic properties. Ibogaine is being used in Africa as part of its rituals or ceremonies.

After a few hours of taking ibogaine, you’ll start to have a better understanding about who you are and the reasons you’re in an addiction stage.

Visuals may be experienced. But those visions can be very enlightening, even though you’ll see some disturbing things about your life.

After being off opiate dependence, there might be some withdrawals. But the cravings are bearable. This means that the urgency of using opiate again isn’t that high, so you can stop yourself from craving.

With ibogaine, you can see with your eyes of how cluttered your life is while you’re using opiate and other illegal substances. Once you experience that, you can easily alter it in a positive way.

How to be truly cured with one series of ibogaine treatment?

As previously mentioned, the success of this treatment will depend on your system. There are preparations that you have to undergo to make sure that you’re safe while going through it.

Before you submit yourself to it, you must strengthen your life and heart first by taking health supplements or eating vegetables and fruits.

It’s also important that you undergo the treatment with the right provider, who has sufficient knowledge on how to properly administer ibogaine to your system.

The treatment center must also have the right number of staff so each patient will be monitored and treated on an individual basis.

You should also choose a provider with medical knowledge on how to help a patient if he/she experiences cardiac problems while undergoing treatment with ibogaine.