Ibogaine, also known as “iboga” is a psychoactive substance which can reduce cravings for heroine and other drugs. Taking Ibogaine can give you vivid visions as well as make you experience a complete spectrum of emotions and memories that can get slightly uncomfortable. Many clinical trials conducted over the past few years show that even small doses of Ibogaine can greatly reduce cravings for heroin. But due to its mind altering effects, iboga is rated as a Schedule 1 drug, which means Ibogaine clinical trials are not common in USA. But scientific studies evidence the fact that a single dose of ibogaine can really help with drug addiction. It is also a less expensive option than therapy and rehabilitation.

People who have used iboga to treat drug addiction say that a single dose of ibogaine is equally effective as multiple low doses. Also treatment using ibogaine is relatively cheaper and the resulting high is not something that gets users wish for a repeat experience. The first time experience when you are just beginning ibogaine treatment is pretty intense. You can feel an intense wave of energy flooding through your body. You can also experience relief from drug withdrawal symptoms. As your drug addiction slowly recedes, as ibogaine works on you, you can begin to experience a new clarity in your vision. Imagine a life free of heroin cravings. Also the results of ibogaine treatment tend to last for a long time, which means you are cured for life.

However, it is still not clear how ibogaine works inside the body. But it is an established fact that ibogaine affects multiple brain receptors, and its ability to reduce cravings may be linked to its blocking of NMDA receptors. Craving for drugs results in increased activity in this area of the brain. Blocking these receptors can result in reduced cravings. The continued reduction in cravings for drugs, even 6 months after an ibogaine shot may be due to the fact that ibogaine is stored in fat cells and slowly released into the blood over a period of time. Studies point to positive outcome from ibogaine treatment. Most people have considerably reduced severity in drug and alcohol addiction. There is hope that ibogaine can be used to replace suboxone which is a commonly used drug to treat addiction.