The use of ibogaine to treat drug addiction is very popular but not all rehabilitation centers that use the plant herb understand its effects on the body. It is no wonder they focus on the administration of the plant medicine without offering any supportive therapy to patients. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we have invested a lot in getting to know the best ways to work with Ibogaine for the benefit of all our patients. Our founder, Johnny The Healer has interacted with Ibogaine for quite a while now and developed an ibogaine program that is made available to all patients seeking to get healed at the treatment center.

The program paints a picture of the activities that you will be involved in at The Holistic Sanctuary as part of the ibogaine treatment. They will take place at out luxury facilities that help the mind, body and spirit as a whole to ensure that you never go back to drugs, alcohol or suffer from depression again. Johnny The Healer, the brains behind the program believes that the proper use of ibogaine, increases the chances of addicts never facing the dreaded “withdrawal symptoms” that has brought many back to addiction. Among the plant herbs that have been made available for treatment of addiction, Ibogaine in its pure form is quite effective.

Our Ibogaine Program Is Different From That of Other Clinics

If you thought you were going to get the same treatments offered at other clinics that use Ibogaine, then you are in for a surprise. The Holistic Sanctuary stands out from the rest when it comes to the program that patients need to go through to be free from addictions and depression. Our program by Johnny The Healer was developed from the point of view of a patient that is helpless and needs hope in life again. He understands the cravings that attack a drug addict when they are trying to break free and knows the need to keep them under control and eliminate them once and for all. Ibogaine is the plant medicine he discovered when going through the same circumstance and it gave him a new lease of life and you too can get your life back with just one visit to The Holistic Sanctuary.

Our ibogaine program runs for a minimum of two weeks for every patient that visits The Holistic Sanctuary but can be extended depending on a patient’s needs. In these two weeks you will get to experience the best of luxury ibogaine centers as well as holistic treatment options designed just for you. Your time at our treatment center will include over eighty hours of therapy sessions with our director and other staff members. The sessions are private, because we do not believe in making those that come to seek help feel ashamed of their present circumstance.  Our detox session which involves the use of Ibogaine is the climax of the program as it removes all toxins that are as a result of drugs and alcohol leaving the body and mind in a better state. In addition to therapy sessions, which are done one on one according to a set schedule, we have organized other holistic activities for you to enjoy as you get better.

Ibogaine Treatment Is Part of Our Famous Pouyan Method

The Pouyan Method is our signature treatment method that includes the use of Ibogaine to make it effective overall. We believe that Ibogaine in itself cannot deliver total healing to people suffering from addiction and other mental disorders, so we also introduce other holistic therapies that can be found at the center to boost its work in the body. Proper use of the plant medicine as part of our program has seen many people who were thought to be without hope, get a new lease of life. As your mind is restored to the state it was before drugs. Alcohol or depression took over; you will realize that you are in more control of your life and decisions. Ibogaine is truly powerful and when administered by professionals as those found at The Holistic Sanctuary, you are guaranteed healing that lasts for a lifetime.