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Ibogaine Treatment Mexico

Ibogaine Treatment in Mexico: What You Should Know about Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine is an anti-addiction medication that occurs at the bark of the roots of a plant called Tabernanthe iboga. This plant is native to West Africa and it has been used for ritual purposes for many years. It is only recently that ibogaine treatment Mexico centers as well as those in other parts of the world started using this shrub in treating drug addiction. Studies about this shrub and its effectiveness in treating addiction have increased following the discovery that it helps in treating addictions to different drugs. Today, there are many rehab centers that use ibogaine in treating addiction. At our rehab center, we offer a medically fit environment for treating addiction using ibogaine.

How ibogaine treats addiction

Ibogaine is basically a psychoactive alkaloid. It treats addiction by interrupting the withdrawal syndrome of a drug. At the same time, it eliminates cravings for the addictive drug. Unlike the conventional medication, it allows a person to effectively detoxify without suffering the painful withdrawal symptoms. It acts like an interrupter of the addiction by resetting neurotransmitters and how they function in the human brain. It resets the brain chemistry into its pre-addictive state bringing the urge for using the drug to an end. Over the recent years, we have helped many people overcome drug addictions after struggling for many years.

Duration of treatment

Before you seek ibogaine treatment in Mexico, you most probably want to know how long it will take you to complete treatment. Basically, the duration of treatment for drug addiction using ibogaine varies. It depends on various factors including intoxication level and tolerance to treatment. At our rehab, we offer an all-inclusive treatment that is customized to the needs of the patient fully. In most cases, patients stay in our rehab center for a period of weeks after which they recover from drug addiction. However, it is important to note that recovering from drug addiction is a lifelong process. You will always face challenges and situations that will tempt you to relapse. Therefore, we equip patients with skills that enable them to overcome triggers and challenges once they leave our rehab center.


If this is the first time you are hearing about ibogaine treatment, you most definitely want to know about the involved risks. Generally, ibogaine treatment is not suitable for individuals with a history of heart attacks or irregular rhythms of the heart. For this reason, we screen patients thoroughly before we admit them at our rehab center. Note that, although ibogaine is an effective treatment for addiction, it is not suitable for all addicts. Our experienced specialist doctors and nurses examine all patients before admission to ensure that they are medically fit for ibogaine treatment. We also consider the addiction and treatment history of the patient. Our ibogaine treatment programs are based on the initial examination or assessment of the patient. Therefore, when you seek treatment for drug addiction at our rehab, be honest with our professionals to enable us to come up with the most effective treatment program for you.

Safe and effective addiction treatment

A major reason why an increasing number of individuals is seeking help from ibogaine treatment Mexico centers is the fact that ibogaine provides safe and effective treatment for drug addiction. Unlike some treatments for addiction, ibogaine is not addictive. It also only enables the brain to restore its pre-addictive state. It is also effective in treating various drug addictions. Get in touch with us today for more information about ibogaine, its use and/or our ibogaine drug addiction treatment.

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