Finding the best treatment to help with an addiction can be a very personal thing so you want to make sure that you put a great deal of thought and research into any facility that you choose to make sure that they are using an approach you approve of to get the best results. Many centers simply use prescription medications as the treatment for all kinds of addiction and while this may work for some, many do not see success and end up with one addiction replacing another. For this reason many people have sought out treatments that make use Ibogaine, which is a more natural treatment product. There are many questions regarding Ibogaine, the foremost of which is – is Ibogaine treatment legal?

Legal Issues Surrounding Ibogaine

The legality of Ibogaine lies solely on the country where the treatment is taking place. In the United States, Ibogaine is listed as a schedule I drug, meaning it is classified as one of the most restricted drugs and is not legal. Because Ibogaine has hallucinatory properties to it, the FDA has regulated it in this manner and made it illegal in the United States. There are many countries, however, where the use of Ibogaine and Ibogaine treatment is legal. Countries such as Canada, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Norway are among the many countries where Ibogaine is available to help in the treatment of addiction. These countries often have several clinics where treatment can be obtained to help addicts.

Is Ibogaine Legal?

Seeking Ibogaine Treatment Options

For those in the United States seeking Ibogaine treatment options it often means finding the appropriate clinics in any of the listed countries where Ibogaine can be used legally. These clinics are all run by medical professionals and well-staffed and the treatment is closely monitored by these medical professionals to make sure it is done properly. For many patients, just one or two doses of Ibogaine treatment are enough to help them kick their addiction to opiates such as heroin.

While the answer to is Ibogaine treatment legal in the United States at this juncture is no, there is still hope. However, there are studies being conducted and lobbying being done in the hopes to get FDA approval to change the classification and laws governing Ibogaine so that private clinics can start to offer it legally as a better treatment option. It may take some time, but there is hope for the future of Ibogaine treatment in the United States. Until then, there are viable options available in other countries.