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If you are looking for the best heroin addiction treatment center, you are already on the right path to success. Ibogaine, which is a herbal and natural plant is the best bet you have for fighting addiction permanently. The problems however is that there are many rehab facilities claiming to offer Ibogaine cure for heroin addiction. The Holistic Sanctuary is the only holistic treatment center that offers a comprehensive treatment module known as the Pouyan Method that incorporates herbal treatments including Ibogaine into a wider treatment program. This program is focused on healing from the inside out so that patients leaving the facility kick their addiction permanently.

The Holistic Sanctuary and Ibogaine Treatment

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we use resources provided by nature to not only help fight addiction, but also rebuild the brain. In short, we are able to reverse the damage caused to the brain by active drug use. This is more than what many other ibogaine treatment programs have to offer. We are not only concerned with getting you off drugs, but also prioritize on restoring your brain to normal function and capacity.

These natural plants are more effective than anything that can be prescribed in a traditional drug rehabilitation center. We do not rely on toxic medicines that have various side effects and can be potentially addictive. The whole philosophy of The Holistic Sanctuary is complete healing using only natural methods, the way nature intended.

Ibogaine is a powerful plant based medicine that helps to trigger rejuvenation and repair of the stem cell. Apart from ibogaine, we use other organic and natural remedies and therapies to accelerate the cell repair and replenish the vital nutrients that the body needs to work properly. Our Fresh Organic Meals 90% Raw Food Diet 100% Organic 100% Non GMO diet is also designed to help the body heal and repair naturally without the use of pharmaceuticals or other toxins.

We do not believe in group meetings. Everybody has a unique journey in their addiction and therefore needs to be treated as such. This is why we do not have any group meetings but rather arrange one-on-one therapy sessions with trained experts in the course of the treatment. We guarantee our patients complete and undivided attention to help them discover and successfully fight underlying issues that cause addiction, PTSD, depression and other issues.

Why Traditional Rehabs Don’t Work

Traditional drug rehabilitation centers rely on toxic medications such as suboxone to treat addiction. This is ineffective because such drugs are highly addictive and patients experience debilitating withdrawal symptoms through out their treatments. When used with tranquilizers, these medications can even cause death.

The approach that many of these rehab centers take is to replace one addiction with another. They deem the new prescription drugs as safe, but the problem with addiction still remains, except this time the person is taking drugs deemed to be legal. In addition to this, some of the side effects of these prescribed medications include:

  • Feeling lightheaded, dizzy or weak
  • Difficult and even painful urination
  • Lower back or side pain
  • Fever or chills
  • Vomiting

Ibogaine Help

Traditional rehabilitation centers also do not focus on the underlying causes of addiction. You may think that you are paying the best heroin addiction treatment center cost but in reality you will simply be moving from one addiction to another. At our top rated ibogaine treatment center, we work to establish the underlying causes of the addiction in the first place to better understand what your emotional and spiritual needs are. This is the only way to forge a successful and drug-free path for the future.

We aim to provide a complete and total cleanse down to the cellular level to remove all toxic chemicals from the body.  This then allows for the safe administration of ibogaine into the body. Ibogaine alone is not enough to cure addiction. When used in combination with natural cleansing, amino acid IV drips and therapy, the patient is more likely to experience a complete recovery. In addition to this, we teach empowering and holistic lifestyles to equip patients with all the right tools for a bright future free of addiction.

We Have Luxury Accommodations

Patients want to be cleansed and healed of their addictions in the most comfortable and safe environments possible. This is something that we understand and take to heart, which is why The Holistic Sanctuary is the only 5 Star Luxury Holistic Treatment Center. We have the right Luxury heroin addiction treatment center price for you in a number of packages to suit various budgets. You can be sure that you are getting your treatment from a world class facility to relive much of the stress and strain that comes with fighting addiction.

We work to rejuvenate, rebuild and reverse damage to tissue, immune systems and brain cells caused by long term drug use. Rather than medicate the symptoms, we take care of the person as a whole, catering for his mind, body and spirit. This is why we boast such a high success rate that traditional rehabilitation centers cannot even come close to achieving. The body cannot be separated from the mind, and we treat our patients with this irrefutable truth as the number one priority.

When seeking treatment for drug abuse, it is only natural that you want to find out Heroin addiction treatment center prices. This however should not be your main consideration when choosing a treatment facility. One of the worst things that can happen is to pay for a treatment and end up relapsing, which often happens especially with traditional drug treatment clinics and centers. This means money down the drain, and more money for future treatments which may be just as unsuccessful. This vicious cycle can quickly lead to bankruptcy and financial difficulties.

At The Holistic Sanctuary, we guarantee that you will get well. Our Heroin treatment center cost caters to everything from all organic meals to luxury accommodations and facilities. We are dedicated to providing our patients with complete healing from drug addiction in the best environment possible.