Suboxone is an extremely dangerous drug, which has a high dependency rate among users, but it is also one of the most common Opiate taper and replacement treatments used by drug rehab clinics. In many rehab centers in the US, it has completely replaced Methadone as the replacement therapy of choice, despite the fact that it is extremely addictive and heroin and opiate addicts are likely to simply transfer their dependence from an illegal substance to this prescribed medication. Even worse than this is the fact that Suboxone and its relative Subutex have a long physical life, remaining in the system for up to 37 hours per pill. It also has the ability to ‘stack’ in the system, which means that with regular use the drug can remain in the body for more than a month. Withdrawal from the drug, particularly cold-turkey withdrawal, can result in symptoms for many months, and it can be worse than withdrawing from illegal opiates.

Withdrawing from Suboxone with Ibogaine

The length of time that it takes to eliminate Suboxone from the body makes withdrawal an extremely difficult process. Most addicts try to withdraw several times without success, and there is no standard Western treatment for this addiction except cold turkey. However, some addicts are discovering that they can ease some of the signs and symptoms of withdrawal through the use of Ibogaine.

This is an African tribal brew which helps to ease users off of Suboxone by reducing the cravings for opiates. In many instances, there is a strict protocol involved in the treatment of Suboxone addiction with Ibogaine, which involves using a short-acting opiate as a ‘sop’ to the addiction as a first stage in withdrawal. Most clinics have a protocol which determines how long the short-term opiate should be used for before Ibogaine therapy starts.

Finding withdrawal treatment for Suboxone addiction

Due to the problems with withdrawing from this drug, and due to its use within rehab centers as a treatment for heroin addiction, most rehabilitation centers in the US are reluctant to help patients addicted to Suboxone. If you want to find a way to get free of this addiction, then you should speak to the Holistic Center. With years of experience in treating addicts, and an understanding of Ibogaine’s use as an anti-addiction therapy, you can find help with your addiction in comfort and luxury.