Treatments for drug addiction in the West have barely moved on from the foundations of drug treatment more than 75 years ago. Anyone who suffers from methamphetamine addiction in the current climate will probably find themselves committed to a medical rehab center, where they will be prescribed medications and introduced to a 12-step program designed to give them counselling. While this is the standard program for any drug addiction, the truth is that this rehabilitation treatment does not work. It is estimated that 9 out of 10 addicts treated in rehab will relapse, and may also become more deeply addicted.  For many methamphetamine addicts, the success of standard rehabilitation treatment is as low as 1-7%.

Ibogaine Treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction

Why Ibogaine could be the solution

One treatment not offered by most traditional rehab clinics, but one which could really work, is Ibogaine. This is a potion from Africa which has been shown to help meth addicts eliminate the physical and mental bonds that keep people addicted to meths. Standard methamphetamine addiction treatment can take between 6 months and one year, and will often cost $50,000 per month.  In contrast with the traditional Western treatment of Meths addiction, Ibogaine has been demonstrated as having around 80-90% success, and it can take as little as one week to eliminate the addiction entirely. This means that Ibogaine is more effective, more successful, and more affordable for addicts, making it the ideal solution to addicts who have tried other rehabilitation treatments without success.

How Ibogaine works

The secret behind Ibogaine’s success rate for treating patients is that it contains a psychoactive substance that effectively blocks addiction, so that addicts will find that they no longer need treatment for their addiction. In addition to this blocking of the addiction pathway, Ibogaine can also have psychotropic effects which  give addicts a spiritual view of their addiction, and of the causes of their addiction. This helps them to deal with the problem of craving for drugs such as Meths, and allows them to work past it.

Ibogaine is the first step in a longer holistic treatment which can benefit users of methamphetamines and other illegal drugs, those suffering addiction to alcohol, or other groups suffering from mental health problems. With dedicated treatment by experts using the Holistic Center‘s therapy pathway, addicts can shake off the bonds which have kept them in thrall to the addiction, and instead start afresh.