When you are dealing with addiction yourself or have a loved one who is fighting with addiction, you want to try and take the safest and most effective approach possible to treatment to achieve success. Many people today are shunning traditional methods that use prescription medicine on top of prescription medicine to deal with addiction and this process can lead to even further problems and is not always successful. There are alternatives to traditional methods, among which is Ibogaine treatment, which involves the use of Ibogaine, a natural compound that has proven to be effective in handling addiction. There are a number of steps involved in Ibogaine treatment details to help get effective results.

Details of a Typical Treatment

Treatments involving Ibogaine are conducted by knowledgeable and experienced professionals who have been working with this type of treatment for a while. There is a medical background that you submit to and normally some type of psychological review as well for your own personal safety. As long as you are in general good health with no problems with your heart or liver or past psychotic episodes, treatment can be scheduled. A typical treatment session involving the administering of Ibogaine can take anywhere from approximately fifteen to up to thirty-six hours in duration, depending on the particular dosage that you may receive and what your personal metabolism may be like. There is normally a convalescent period after the treatment as well, which can range from just a few days to up to a week, depending on the individual.

Ibogaine Treatment Details

Conditions after the Treatment

One of the reasons Ibogaine is seen as so successful a treatment form is that it greatly diminishes many of the typical withdrawal symptoms a patient goes through during treatment with traditional methods. For many patients there are no withdrawal symptoms at all after a treatment. Most patients also experience some type of subconscious visions or dreamlike state that is likened to a spiritual awakening for many patients that helps to lead them to a recovery.

While Ibogaine treatment details may differ from facility to facility, the treatment itself has shown to be quite effective in its methods and many people around the world have been able to kick addiction through this type of treatment. If you find yourself interested in more details regarding treatment with Ibogaine you should consider contacting a center to discuss the matter further and ask any questions you may have to see if this is the best approach for you or a loved one.