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Ibogaine Treatment is a Natural Approach for Treating Addiction

When you're looking for a way to put an end to your heroine or opiate addictions, you no doubt have heard or read about ibogaine. There are two ways to find it – as an alkaloid form, which means it's the synthetic version and also the real herb. The real herb is used in sacred ceremonies with real shamans who have vast knowledge on how it's used, have worked with hundreds of people with it, and truly understand it. Ibogaine treatment is usually available at ibogaine clinics, including ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico.

Which of these versions so far sounds best to you?

Herbalist Secret About How Plants Work

One herbalist secret you should know about is that real herbs are used by people who understand that plant chemistry is complex, and taking out one little alkaloid – ibogaine for ibogaine treatment – from the plant or synthesizing it is practically an abomination to those who use herbs for healing. Herbalists cite the case of aspirin versus willow bark, which aspirin has been derived from to explain this principle.

Willow bark when used for pain has no negative side effects. This is because it is used as the whole herb, and it contains hundreds of medicinal constituents that work together once they enter in your body. One constituent is an anti-inflammatory agent, another is salicin for pain, and there are hundreds more flavonoids in it that act as antioxidants. All these are beneficial for the body with no downside. Compare this to synthetic aspirin which is responsible for thousands of deaths each year, as it is only one synthetic substance – salicylic acid which thins the walls of the stomach and causes internal bleeding.

Thus, once you understand this herbal secret that it's better to take herbs in their whole and untampered form, you can make a wiser decision about using synthetic ibogaine versus the real herb extract with a shaman. Make sense? Which version sounds best to you?

How Could Anything Like Ibogaine Be an Addiction Stopper?

The next question is whether or not ibogaine is an addiction stopper. For this, you'll have to dig up research on the topic. To date, there has only been one good ibogaine program that evaluated the effects of ibogaine, but the ibogaine reviews of the treatment were only done with the synthetic form. The reason why makes a lot of sense – in the U.S., ibogaine is considered a schedule 1 drug because it causes hallucinations. These hallucinations aren't the crazy ones like what happens with LSD but rather are visions of what's happening in your life with your relationships and whether or not you are spiritually on track. Nevertheless, whether the herb or synthetic alkaloid is used, the person seeking ibogaine rehab of drug addictions will have them.

So if ibogaine is not allowed to be widely dispensed throughout the USA and other countries, then no research funding is going to be obtained for it. Yet one researcher, Thomas Kingsley Brown, did run an observational study of ibogaine rehab centers with 67 subjects and found that ibogaine had no adverse effects at all. Only about a seventh of the people taking the treatment had mystical experiences, and about a third of them relapsed within the first month. He claims that 87% relapsed within the first six months; but ibogaine improved personal relationships, psychiatric status, and decreased the use of drugs the person was addicted to.

Now with this new information that you know, your next questions should be:

  • Did they use the ibogaine synthetic form or did they use the real herb extract as it was supposed to be used with the shaman? It's now easy to see why some people would consider ibogaine detox a myth because the synthetic form wouldn't be as effective.
  • What other treatments were they using during the study? Modern studies try to be so scientific that they end up being pseudo-scientific and then the researchers end up deducing things that often don't make sense. They try to test only one variable at a time.

The situation of a drug addict trying to detoxify from drugs is a serious issue. Addictive drugs affect the body in many ways – they affect the brain and damage it, as seen on PET scans and affect metabolism, the CNS, and all the organs and cells of the body. For example, drugs like methadone kill the body's ability to regulate calcium, and ruin the mitochondria. When someone has been using drugs for a while, they will have damage in many parts of the body, and recovery means fixing all the affected areas of the body, not just dealing with withdrawals.

You would have to call the primary researcher to find out what exactly was the method used at the ibogaine treatment clinics. Were they more concerned with the bottom line – making a proclamation about (synthetic) ibogaine itself to be able to patent a drug and make profits or were they more concerned about the patient safety and healing? This would give you the answer as to whether or not ibogaine is a myth or truly an addiction stopper.

Firsthand Experiences of Ibogaine Treatment are Excellent

When two patients at The Holistic Sanctuary, an ibogaine clinic in Mexico were interviewed on how well their ibogaine treatment went, they had nothing but praises for the clinic and the treatment. “Less than 24 hours of my initial dose of ibogaine, I already felt changes in my mind and body and realized it was going to work. The second day I felt great and never had felt better,” said Adam, discussing how ibogaine interrupted his addictive cycle and helped transform his life.

Another patient said this in frustration since he had to find an ibogaine treatment center in Mexico because of government regulations, “I'm not even going to call it a drug because it's a plant or an herb put here for a reason. The fact that America is outlawing ibogaine for treatment for addiction because it's not profitable drives me crazy.”

Ibogaine is Not Safe, Say the Non-Natural Therapists

You might also incorrectly conclude that using ibogaine for detox would not be considered safe because not enough studies are done on it as the medical profession wants you to believe. The stats show very few scientific articles on it. But the reality is that the alternative – conventional methadone and suboxone are much more dangerous than ibogaine. Death rates and the addiction of these different drugs clearly show there's no healing occurring at these conventional centers. We clearly need a replacement of theories, philosophies and treatments if our entire population is to be healthy.

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