Ibogaine therapy is popular in many parts of the world, being used as a therapy for opiate and other drug addictions, and also for the treatment of other types of addiction. In some parts of the world, such as the US, Ibogaine is a Schedule I drug, which means that it cannot be bought, sold or used even under medical guidance. Other countries, including the UK, France and Mexico allow the drug to be used. The situation in Australia is slightly more difficult, since here the plant is restricted in its sale, and practitioners are limited in its used during treatment.

Ibogaine Treatment became legal in Australia

Restrictions on use in Australia

The rules regarding the sale of Ibogaine in Australia involve restrictions on its importation. It is listed under Schedule 4 of Australia’s Customs Act, which means that any material which contains the restricted substance is considered to be as restricted as the substance. This means that there will be restrictions on the import of anything which could contain Ibogaine in its extracted form. There are limits to bringing raw Ibogaine through customers. The customs law relating to Ibogaine regards 1g of that substance as the same as 1g of heroin. Bark is also restricted, and the same weight equivalences are used there.

Possible use in Australia

Despite the strict restrictions on its import as a pure substance into Australia, it is permitted to import and sell seeds and live plants from the Iboga species, which can then be used to extract the pure Ibogaine product. When it comes to the use of the raw material inside Australia, the substance is treated as a prescriptive product, which means that it is possible to have an Ibogaine clinic in Australia treating addicts, but it would have to be produced inside Australia, and there are a lot of risks. The only clinic which offered Ibogaine treatments in Australia closed in 2010, and the founder went to live in New Zealand. Most Australians who want to try out Ibogaine therapy need to find a GP who is able to prescribe them this treatment under the Schedule 4 prescription allowance.

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