Ibogaine Therapy for AddictionIbogaine is a natural drug rehabilitation treatment that is now gaining ground in the West. Modern medicine has utterly failed to find a solution to the problem of drug addiction, and the only treatments currently available under orthodox supervision has been demonstrated to have little effect upon long-term addiction problems. The cycle of addiction, rehabilitation and relapse may, in fact, make the addiction harder to manage, leading to a greater number of fatalities and increasing the risk of life-long addition. This is one of the reasons why many addicts are now turning to alternative forms of therapy in order to help themselves.

The use of natural drugs

Ibogaine Treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction

Alternative therapy is fortunate in some ways, since it has access to a wide range of treatments that can offer patients hope when they are struggling with drug addiction. One of the most popular with severe drug addiction, including heroin and morphine addictions, is the use of a drug known as Ibogaine. This is a drug obtained from the root of a shrub, and has been used in Africa for hundreds of years. Unlike other forms of drug which produce a psychoactive response, such as cocaine and cannabis, there is no evidence that Ibogaine is addictive. Instead, it is used to cure people of a range of other addictions.

Why use Ibogaine?

There are several reasons why addicts might choose to take Ibogaine for their drug dependency. Firstly, Western drugs have usually failed by the time patients turn to alternative therapy, so Ibogaine may be the only opportunity to cure the illness. Secondly, some patients worry about becoming addicted to medicines, such as methadone, and this makes them seek out other solutions.

What Ibogaine is used for?

There are a number of addictions and drug-dependence problems which have been successfully treated with Ibogaine. This includes dependence on opiates, cocaine, and alcoholism. It has also been shown to be successful in the treatment of methamphetamine addiction, one of the most difficult dependences to treat. Ibogaine is also increasingly used to treat smoking, depression and eating disorders that have not responded to traditional therapies, and it has been shown to benefit the patient more than harmful Western medicines.

Where Ibogaine can be found

Most therapists offering Ibogaine treatment do so in especially dedicated clinics, where they will be able to provide patients with the best support possible while they are going through the early stages of Ibogaine use and drug withdrawal.