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Ibogaine Therapy

Advanced Ibogaine Therapy: The Best Cocaine Therapy

For many years, many people have battled with drug addiction without getting proper help. Traditional drug addiction programs have yielded little or no positive results. Fortunately, ibogaine therapy has provided the much needed relief to drug addicts and their loved ones. When a person becomes an addict, it is not just them who suffer, but their loved ones too. Unfortunately, efforts to overcome addiction without the right help might not bear fruit. In fact, there are cases where withdrawal symptoms threaten the lives of the patients. At our rehab center, we understand the challenges that individuals face when it comes to fighting addiction. We offer safe and effective ibogaine-based therapy or treatment to patients that are battling addiction.

Effective treatment for opiate addiction

Ibogaine provides an effective and safe treatment for opiates addiction when administered in a medically fit environment. It produces long-lasting effects that usually have three stages. For instance, when you undergo ibogaine cocaine therapy you experience the first phase of the effects of this therapy. This entails intense visualizations which are dreamlike and they last for up to 4 hours. This is followed by the second phase which is analytical. At this stage, you experience ibogaine psychotherapeutic effects. The second phase can last for up to 12 hours. It is an important phase that enables you to conquer your negative emotions and fears. After these phases, you experience slow subsidy in the main effects though residual stimulant impact of ibogaine can last for up to 36 hours. However, it is important to note that effects of ibogaine vary among individuals. At our ibogaine therapy Mexico center, we offer counseling and advanced therapy to ensure that you or a loved one enjoys the full benefits of ibogaine treatment fully.

Regain health rhythm and balance of your body and mind

We provide medically supervised ibogaine addiction treatment in a luxury environment. We aim at restoring your health rhythm and balance by offering advanced treatment at the most ideal environment. Our goal is to help you or the person that you care about overcome addiction in a comfortable and safe manner. Before you are admitted at our facility, we perform some medical screening to determine whether you are fit to undergo treatment for addiction using ibogaine. Throughout the period that you stay in our rehab, we ensure that you are treated with respect and that you receive the best care and support. Your safety is assured because we have ibogaine specialist doctors who administer the treatment and monitor patients throughout the treatment period.

Advanced Ibogaine Therapy

Although ibogaine does not provide immediate treatment for drug addiction, it is an effective and safe treatment that provides lasting results. Our advanced therapy acts like a rapid program for treating addiction. It includes intensive therapy, counseling and aftercare. All these aspects of our treatment program have significant value and they yield the best results when offered by the right specialists. Without this intensive treatment, most individuals relapse even after withdrawing from the addictive drugs for some time.

Cost of ibogaine treatment

Perhaps, this is the question that you are asking now because you or a person that you care about wants to undergo treatment for addiction using ibogaine. The cost of treating addiction using ibogaine varies depending on various factors, such as the amenities and quality of services as well as the duration of stay in the rehab. At our rehab, we charge affordable Ibogaine therapy cost and the best treatment. Contact us if you or a loved one needs ibogaine addiction treatment for more information.

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