The number of people that are developing addictions to drugs like heroin keep growing year after year. Studies have shown that the numbers have gone up over one thousand percent in the last 10 years in the U.S. and the number of treatment centers has doubled in that same time. Even with all of those treatment centers the epidemic is getting worse. Why is this happening? It is worse because the treatment methods at these facilities do not work.


The usual treatment approach of prescription medications in place of illicit drugs and group therapy and 12 step counseling where patients are told they have a disease that cannot be cured dooms people to failure time and again. A new approach needs to be taken to fix this problem, offering therapies that consider the person as a whole and approaches them with the idea that they can be healed and cured and get their life back to what it once was.


This method does exist at The Holistic Sanctuary. The Holistic Sanctuary customizes treatment for the individual in a holistic way, taking the mind, body and soul into consideration and providing a natural treatment method that help to re-build the body and the brain of the addict in ways that other centers cannot even fathom. Patients at The Holistic Sanctuary do more than just heal – they become CURED of their addiction.


At the Holistic Sanctuary, the methods of treatment involve truly organic and natural treatments, using nutrients, supplements, oxygen, the sun and all natural approaches that help the body and mind reset and recapture the way life was before addiction.


 Our Ibogaine therapy for addiction is at the heart of the treatment offered at The Holistic Sanctuary, making use of the natural substance Ibogaine, which has been proven to curb drug cravings and rid addiction from people. This treatment, combined with various IV therapies, stem cell treatments, a natural and organic dietary plan, cleanses, oxygen therapy and other approaches are all part of a customized treatment plan that adds up to 120 hours of sessions over a month of treatment. The typical approach of group therapy and 12 steps is turned aside here for methods that offer a real solution.


Through the use of the Pouyan Method, a method designed and exclusively used at the Sanctuary by Johnny the Healer, Ibogaine therapy for addiction has helped hundreds of patients in a short time, many of which had failed at rehab in other facilities. The treatment provided has made Johnny the Healer a true pioneer in the treatment field.