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Ibogaine Testimonials

Ibogaine Testimonials: What Patients Say After Ibogaine Treatment

Ibogaine treatment is used to treat addiction to different opiates. So far, it has been used to treat many people who have battled addiction for many years. Its effectiveness can be seen from the many ibogaine testimonials that can easily be found online. Ibogaine or iboga is a psychoactive alkaloid that is derived from the bark of the roots of a West African Shrub known as Tabernanthe Iboga. Although this shrub has been used for many years in initiation rites in West Africa, its effectiveness in treating addiction was discovered recently. However, many people have written testimonials after undergoing treatment for addiction safely and successfully using this psychoactive alkaloid.

Why ibogaine?

According to most testimonials, this ibogaine enables patients to overcome addiction without experiencing the painful or extremely severe withdrawal symptoms. It also eliminates the cravings for the addictive drugs. Basically, ibogaine interrupts addiction when used as a treatment. It also eliminates withdrawal symptoms. It does this by rebalancing the human brain’s neuro-chemistry. Unlike some addiction treatments, ibogaine is not addictive and it does not have to be used for a prolonged period to yield the best results. It has been proven to interrupt addiction to various addictive drugs including methadone, heroin and prescription opiates. It is very effective in restoring dopamine, melatonin and serotonin levels in the bran. It is stored in the liver in form of nor-ibogaine. This protects the patients from relapse after treatment.

Success stories

Majority of the testimonials that people have written after undergoing treatment for drug addiction using ibogaine are success stories. They show how ibogaine has been used in treating addictions to cocaine, alcohol, nicotine and methamphetamine. Many people describe the experience that they get when they undergo ibogaine treatment as transformative and life-changing. It also provides insights into past experiences including causes of drug abuse and addiction. This is what some people call awakening in their iboga testimonials. Perhaps, this effect is due to the fact that ibogaine resets the pathways of dopamine uptake as well as the craving centers. This psychoactive alkaloid has enabled many patients at our rehab to work through past events and trauma that led them into addictive behaviors. We have also used ibogaine in treating co-occurring disorders like Bi-polar disorder, PTSD, childhood trauma, depression and compulsiveness among others.

Best experience

Most people who have recovered from drug addiction acknowledge the fact that the environment where a person undergoes treatment determines the success of their treatment. At our rehab center, we focus on offering the best treatment and experience to patients. This is because we know that the environment and experience are very important in enabling you or the person you care about to recover from drug addiction fully. We provide a luxury environment will all amenities that you would ask for while undergoing treatment for addiction. Our team of registered and experienced nurses and doctors is always standby to help patients overcome effects of ibogaine in case they arise. Basically, your safety is our major priority throughout the treatment period. We offer you quality care and support to enable you to achieve from drug addiction fully and safely.

Safe treatment

Most ibogaine testimonials indicate that this psychoactive alkaloid provides safe treatment as long as it is administered in a medically fit facility. At our rehab we take appropriate precautions including screening patients before admission to ensure their safety. If you or a person that you care about wants to undergo addiction treatment using ibogaine, get in touch with us. We assure you the most effective and safest addiction treatment.

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