Over the years there have been countless patients who have undertaken various forms of treatment in the hopes of healing an addiction to narcotics and opiates. One of the biggest drawbacks for many people that have sought treatment is that the experience that occurs at many treatment centers and facilities is very similar, where they are treated with other medications to help in detox and with withdrawal, but these medications can cause other abuses and addictions to occur, extending the addiction cycle and offering no clear path to a cure. The introduction of Ibogaine as a holistic treatment has provided many thousands with a much better experience and the many Ibogaine patient reviews reflect its overall success.

How Ibogaine Succeeds Where Others Fail

Ibogaine, a natural substance that comes from shrubs that are growing in West Africa, is used in the treatment of addiction of many different opiates. Ibogaine can work to curb the cravings your body and mind have for opiates, stopping your need to use the drugs in it’s tracks. Ibogaine is also known to greatly reduce or eliminate the terrible withdrawal symptoms many people experience when going through traditional detox methods, methods that often fail because withdrawal can be so severe. This performance has allowed thousands of people around the world to experience much better results and rid themselves of addiction for good, very often with just one treatment over the course of just a few days.

Ibogaine Patient Reviews


Ibogaine Patient Reviews and Reports                                                                       

Many patients have come forward to review their experience in using Ibogaine and how well it has worked for them. Longtime addicts for five years, ten years or even longer report that with just a few days of treatment they are free from addiction to drugs such as heroin, methadone, Suboxone and other harsh toxins and drugs. The Ibogaine treatment itself is just part of the overall healing process; it does help to open up patients to a freedom that, when combined with other holistic methods in treatment such as counseling, meditation, personal training, diet and more has led patients to a better understanding of themselves and how they have changed their lives without the use of drugs.

There are many Ibogaine patient reviews that you can read to see all of the success stories that have occurred with this treatment. Naturally, as is the case with any treatment, there are those that have not had the same level of immediate success as others and a small segment has even seen reoccurrence of addiction, but the overwhelming majority seems to report that with Ibogaine treatment they have been able to come back from what seemed like a hopeless situation to live their lives again.