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Ibogaine Opiate Addiction Treatment

Ibogaine Opiate Addiction Treatment: The Best Opiate Addiction Treatment

Opiate addiction is among the most common forms of addiction globally. Drugs like cocaine and meth used to be the major issue but heroin and prescription meds have also become common in this century. Ibogaine opiate addiction treatment has been proven effective in saving lives of people that are struggling with opiate addiction. This treatment is very important considering the fact that there are an increasing number of people that are dying from drug addiction.

Prominent problem

Cure for opiate addiction is very important because although not many people think about them, opiate and prescription pills abuse is becoming a prominent problem. Addiction to these drugs is ruining the lives of many people and leaving an unfathomable doses trail. This is why many rehab centers are now raising awareness about the damage that these pills cause. For those addicted to prescription pills, it is important to seek effective treatment that produces lasting results. Usually, individuals with opiate addiction move their addiction further to become opiate addicts. This is a major reason why heroin addiction and cocaine addictions are prominent in the modern society. When a person is hooked in by prescription pills, heroine keeps them going. Something has to be done and this is where ibogaine for addiction comes in.

Treating addiction with ibogaine

Treating opiate addiction using ibogaine has is an exemplary way of dealing with this problem safely and effectively. Although ibogaine is used in treating different addiction, it has proven to be a powerful treatment for opiate addiction that is has helped many opiate addicts regain their lives back from opiates dependency. This is very important considering how difficulty beating opiate addiction is. With this treatment, many patients have overcome the life threatening withdrawal symptoms and become opiates free.

Easy detoxification

When treating opiate addiction, detoxification is one of the most challenging steps. This is because withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, insomnia, anxiety, nausea, excess sweating, headache, muscle cramps and muscle pain can be life-threatening. These symptoms prompt many patients to use the addictive opiates again as a way of easing them. Nevertheless, detoxification from opiates and prescription pills is a must for those who want to regain their freedom from addiction. Ibogaine opiate addiction treatment works very well and it helps in restoring the neurotransmitters of the mind of the addicted person to the pre-addiction state. It does this by flooding dopamine and serotonin centers of the brain. This alkaloid works better than most traditional treatments. It effect is likened to the coming off of the addictive drugs despite the fact that symptoms are not severe like they would with other treatments. A single opiate treatment using ibogaine is capable of releasing not just the physical desire to use the addictive opiate but psychological addiction as well.

Dealing with psychological and physical addiction

When administered ibogaine floods the brain’s feel good centers within the first hours restoring the patient’s mind to the pre-addicted state. Ibogaine for opiate addiction takes care of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. In most cases, patients do not experience physical withdrawal effects following the treatment. After cleansing the physical aspect of the addiction, this treatment starts working on deep subconscious levels of addiction. This is where the second phase of this opiate dependence treatment starts. The hallucinogenic properties of this substance start taking effects and the patient enters the awakening state. In this state, patients uncover past problems which leads to the achievement of true freedom from addiction. Contact us for help if you or a loved one needs treatment for addiction using ibogaine.

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