Methadone has been an effective drug for many that have been seeking to stop an addiction to heroin for years. Many clinics and centers primarily use methadone as the way to wean addicts off of heroin successfully, but there are very often problems that persist after this type of treatment. Methadone itself is very hard to stop taking and can be quite addictive in its own right. Also, methadone is well-known for its harsh withdrawal symptoms when people stop taking it, with withdrawals lasting for up to a month or longer in some cases, which can cause many to fall back and start using methadone again. This has brought about the creation of some centers to start offering Ibogaine methadone addiction treatment as a way to stop taking methadone.

What Ibogaine Methadone Addiction Treatment Can Do

Ibogaine is an alternative, natural offering that has been known to help with all types of addictions. A natural part of the bark of a particular bush, Ibogaine has been used for many years by West African tribes for rituals and sacraments but it also been used effectively over the last fifty years as a treatment to help halt addiction and eliminate withdrawal symptoms. For these reasons, Ibogaine is ideal to work with in ways to help a methadone addiction. The Ibogaine works on the patient, helping to curb the hunger for opiates while at the same time eliminating withdrawal symptoms. The Ibogaine also allows the patient to experience detox more quickly, with many patients needing only one day or up to three days at the most for the effects to occur.

Ibogaine Mathadone Addiction Treatment

Where to Find Ibogaine Methadone Addiction Treatment

Ibogaine methadone treatments are available in a variety of locations, but because Ibogaine is listed as an illegal substance in the United States, it is not currently available here. Other countries, such as Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Germany and the United Kingdom, among others, do allow for the use of Ibogaine in treatment and facilities can be found in these countries quite readily.

Ibogaine methadone addiction treatment may be the most effective treatment yet for dealing with a methadone addiction. Patients report remarkable progress when they undergo treatment and have much fewer side effects and problems and many even have an enlightenment occur as a result of the treatment, helping them to understand their addiction problems more so they can work to overcome them more efficiently.