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Ibogaine Drug Rehab

Ibogaine drug rehab offers real treatment for alcohol, cocaine, heroin, methadone, suboxone and other addictions.

Unlike conventional rehabs, we don’t tell you that your addiction can’t be cured. In fact, we’ll teach you how to cure it without medicines. You’ll only take all natural resources that can provide complete healing to your mind, body and soul.

Addiction is getting out of hand and it has been affecting a great number of people. These addicts go to conventional drug rehab to find a cure but all of them failed. Instead of being cured, they take another medicine that make them addicted to it

Ibogaine drug rehab at Ibogaine Sanctuary isn’t the same as conventional drug rehab that implements the same broken addiction system that will make you embrace the lie that you can never find a cure to your addiction.

What we provide to our patients is a real healing system that properly heals without giving you toxic medicines just to stay balanced.

It’s a real healing system that retunes your body and mind and reverses all damages done to the body. When you finish the program, you won’t be taking medicines just to remain at your pre-addicted state.

Instead, you’ll feel empowered and inspired to stay that way.

Those world-renowned addiction specialists think that our “promises” are impossible to fulfill. But, for five years, our power treatment has been a success and it has saved the lives of hundreds when they came and enrolled with us.

What makes our ibogaine drug rehab unique?

We administer ibogaine as part of the Pouyan Method, which is the integral part of the real healing system at Ibogaine Sanctuary. Ibogaine helps in alleviating withdrawal symptoms while you’re undergoing detox. Unlike other medicines, ibogaine won’t lead to chemical dependency. Thus, you won’t need it when you finish the course.

Apartfrom ibogaine, the method also utilizes plant-based medicine, super foods, stem cells and other natural ways to stop and cure your addiction.

Our ibogaine drug rehab also involves infusion of high dose vitamin and amino acids to rejuvenate your brain. Oxygen therapy, organic juice cleanse, coffee enemas, carbon saunas and other methods are also administered to finally cure your addiction without slipping through the cracks.

Johnny the Healer, who is the creator of the Pouyan Method, doesn’t believe in outdated group meetings. Thus, he implemented a one-on-one session to help you stay focused while you’re undergoing ibogaine therapy.

Most of our patients have called our system as a life-saver. Should you wish to try and to finally cure your drug addiction, call our staff at Ibogaine Sanctuary. Or visit our website to know more about our ibogaine drug rehab:

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