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Ibogaine Addiction Treatment

Ibogaine Addiction Treatment: The Safe and Effective Way to Overcome Addiction

When battling addiction, many people are ready to do anything possible to overcome drugs this illness. Unfortunately, not all treatments are effective in treating addiction although their providers claim that they provide magic healing for addiction. However, ibogaine addiction treatment has proven effective in treating opiate addiction. Ibogaine, an alkaloid, is derived from the bark of the roots of Tabernanthe Iboga, a shrub that is found in West Africa. Currently, ibogaine is used in rehab centers in treating opiate addiction. We have used it in treating drug addiction at our rehab center successfully.

History of addiction treatment using ibogaine

Ibogaine was discovered to have the ability to eliminate the symptoms and signs of withdrawing from opioids and diminishing their cravings in the 1960s. The discovery was made by a self-treating group of heroin addictions. Since then, more studies have been conducted about ibogaine and its ability to treat addictions. It has also been administered in thousands of cocaine and opiate addicts for many years. This has proven ibogaine therapy as efficacious and safe for use by patients who want to detoxify from opiates as well as other drugs that they are addicted to. Nevertheless, ibogaine should be used under close supervision of experienced doctors who know the therapeutic limitations and safe use of ibogaine.

How ibogaine treats addiction

Opiate addiction results for long term usage of opioids which lead to physical tolerance or dependence. In most cases, opioid abusers tend to use more drugs so that they can get high. Failure to stop using the addictive opioids leads to physical dependence on the addictive drug and attempts to stop using it causes serious withdrawal symptoms. Ibogaine treatment for addiction is very effective due to the way this alkaline works on human brain receptors. It changes habitual patterns of the addict while restoring the normal neurochemistry levels. It also has strong psychedelic properties which are beneficial to the patients especially those with difficult psychological emotions that may have led to drug abuse and addiction.

Psychological healing

A major benefit of addiction treatments that entail the use of ibogaine is psychological healing that ibogaine provides. While undergoing this treatment, some people experience hallucinations. Typically, the hallucinations include replays of trauma and live events that may have led a person to drug abuse and addiction. They can also be replays of the individuals that a person is related to, causes and reasons of addiction. However, this treatment enables the patient to find answers to troubling questions about their life and themselves. It also gives them insights which lead to deeper understanding of the place that they occupy and why they exist. Some people say that it provides great awakening. These insights or the awakening leads to new self sense and way of living which marks the starting point for most patients who break away from addiction.

Successful addiction treatment

At our rehab, we provide successful ibogaine addiction treatment. This treatment provides an amazing spiritual experience. While undergoing treatment, patients do not take ibogaine alone. They attend intensive therapy sessions before as well as after the administration of the drug. This enables them to enjoy its benefits of ibogaine including resolving aggression, trauma, grief and fear. Patients experience critical and acute insights into personal problems in a dream-like and non-confrontational state. Patients describe undergoing ibogaine treatment as being reborn as a non-addicted person.

For more information about iboga treatment cost and whether it is suitable for you, get in touch with us. Our experienced doctors will answer all questions and guide you accordingly.

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