Ibogaine is rapidly becoming one of the most popular methods for addicts to eliminate their need for drugs, and it has become widely used as a treatment in Europe, Africa and Australasia. While most Western countries have not banned Ibogaine, the US has listed it as a Schedule I drug, the most restricted, and this means that it cannot be used by addicts in North America. However, by travelling to Mexico, it is possible to find treatment clinics that are able to use Ibogaine therapy as part of their rehab program. Before you leave for a clinic, you need to understand how long you will have to spend in the rehab center before you are clear.

How long does Ibogaine Treatment Require?

Preparing for treatment

If you are trying to calculate how long it will take to be treated with Ibogaine, it is important to remember that you will need to prepare yourself before you can start your treatment at the rehab clinic. Treatment destinations such as the Holistic Center tend to enforce a strict protocol, which dictates whether you need to diet, or withdraw from your problem substance, prior to coming to the rehab clinic. Basic screening is also usually performed prior to the treatment being started. This may extend the period of withdrawal by up to two or three days, depending upon the requirements of your clinic. Drugs are usually stopped one or two days before the dose is administered, and food is not consumed for 12 hours prior to the treatment.

Length of Ibogaine treatment

Once you have been prepared for Ibogaine treatment, you will usually be weighed. The standard dose is 10mg for every kg of weight. The Ibogaine is given in a single dose, so the amount that is given will affect how long the treatment will last. The first hour after the dose has been absorbed will usually be calm, and some ataxia (movement disturbance) will then occur. Within 3 hours vomiting may occur. The dream phase will then begin, usually lasting seven or so hours, with a processing phase beginning between 3 and 6 hours after the dose, with the two combined lasting for up to 14 hours. Attendants usually accompany the addict for 30 hours after the dose, after which the effects of the Ibogaine should be minimal. In Africa, addicts may stay in bed for up to 3 days, but other addicts may experience no hallucinations, and simply feel calm and relaxed.