Having an addiction to prescription painkillers is something that can easily develop in today’s world and it is not something that is often easily treated. Traditional treatment facilities take the approach of a difficult detox period where you receive other prescription medications followed by therapy treatments, counseling and 12 step programs that tell you that you have no hope ever being cured. These methods have tried and failed over and over again, but nothing ever changes.

It is time for a new type of treatment to take hold; one that takes each individual into consideration and works not to just to give false hope and words to patients but provides a real option for healing. There needs to be an organic and holistic approach that does not involve the use of toxic medications or talk therapy that does not work. A treatment needs to be developed that helps to rebuild and re-train the body and brain to get it back to what it was before addiction happened to give real hope and inspiration for healing.

There is such a treatment at The Holistic Sanctuary. The Holistic Sanctuary is a healing center unlike any place else and one that has stunned professionals that are addiction specialists. The methods go against everything that has long been taught and used at traditional centers by providing patients with a real chance to be CURED.

How Ibogaine Fights Stubborn Prescription Painkiller

The Holistic Sanctuary makes use of truly natural elements in all of their treatments, using oxygen, the sun, natural supplements, organic foods, positive reinforcement and more to reset the brain, heal the body and enliven the spirit.

The Holistic Sanctuary  makes use of Ibogaine and Ibogaine therapy to fight a stubborn prescription painkiller addiction like no other method. Ibogaine is an all-natural root proven to curb drug cravings, eliminate difficult withdrawal and bring an actualization to patients that leads them on the path to recovery. This treatment, combined with other IV therapies, oxygen therapy, a diet plan, cleanses and other customized treatments are all part of a 6 hour a day, one-on-one treatment schedule that provides real results, not failures like the overwhelming results of traditional treatment centers and methods.

 With the Pouyan Method, a proprietary method created by the founder Johnny the Healer, The Holistic Sanctuary shows you how Ibogaine fights stubborn prescription painkiller addiction and wins. Over 600 patients have been treated with this method since 2012, many of whom had relapsed and failed numerous times at other facilities, but succeeded at The Holistic Sanctuary. This has made Johnny the Healer unique and helps him stand above others in the treatment field.