Addiction can be treated with ibogaine, which is a natural plant extract. Those who have taken it reported to have the most intense experience in their lives.

Getting to know the ibogaine treatment history takes us back to the 1930’s.

This treatment option first appeared in the 1930s to be used as a physical stimulant and for treating depression.

But it was removed from the market in 1966.

Discovery of anti-addictive properties

It was in 1962 that ibogaine’s anti-addictive properties were discovered by a scientific researcher, who was also a heroin addict.

From that time, several studies have been taken and all of them showed how ibogaine was invaluable in treating various physical dependencies. They also showed success rate in treating withdrawal symptoms.

Unfortunately, in the United States and Sweden, ibogaine is considered a controlled substance. This ban makes it more difficult to explore more about the anti-addictive properties of ibogaine.

Thankfully, several researchers from other countries are trying to deliver ibogaine. But the ibogaine they provide don’t contain the psychedelic properties of the original ibogaine.

Mexico, Canada, Israel, and New Zealand are few of the countries that don’t restrict the use of ibogaine for addiction treatment. With the success rate of the substance, its use grows exponentially.

This is one of the reasons a lot of treatments centers in Canada and Mexico offering ibogaine treatment are getting more and more popular.

Getting to Know the Ibogaine Treatment History


Resetting a button

The problem with traditional addiction centers is that they don’t provide real cure to their patients. They use the same old, broken system that can’t do the right job. By this it means that they only give their patients another addicting substance. When they go out of the facility, they’re not cured. Instead, they’re just addicted to a new substance, which is supposed to cure their addiction.

But this isn’t the case with ibogaine treatment. The substance counteracts addiction by disrupting the brain and altering addictive behavior. By touching or resetting your major brain receptors, you’ll regain control of your life.

You’ll come back feeling rearranged. Things will be different. It’s like your physical and mental health is back to its pre-addiction state.

The great thing about ibogaine is that you won’t experience withdrawal symptoms. Your drug cravings will reduce significantly. This is one of the reasons ibogaine is a successful cure when it comes to heroin addiction.

Why it’s still being banned in the US?

Despite its success rate in other parts of the world, the US government still bans the use of ibogaine as part of addiction treatment.

One of the reasons is that it poses danger to the commercial sector. The first ones to block its use in the US were the promoters of methadone.

Then, there are the cultural factors that play a role in this ban. The majority of Americans would see addicts as guilty. For them, they think that these addicts deserve not to be treated but to pay for their mistakes.

Hence, ibogaine treatment in the US will have to wait for it to be approved and be legally used. Meanwhile, those who wish to be cured from their addictions using this treatment can go to countries, like Mexico, Costa Rica, and Canada to seek treatment with ibogaine.