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Founder’s Story

Hello. My name is Johnny The Healer, and as the founder of The Ibogaine Sanctuary, I am committed to making sure you and your loved ones receive the best treatment possible, so that you can end dependency and stop addiction in its tracks.

The unique treatments of The Ibogaine Sanctuary have been shown to do just that by helping to heal and even reverse the damage that drug and alcohol abuse has caused to the body. This assists people in experiencing a faster recovery while permanently eliminating their chemical dependency.

Perfecting this protocol wasn’t easy. It took four years of hard work and a lot of dedicated people, but to me, it has been worth it because the battle to end addiction is one that is incredibly personal. Not only did I lose both my brother and mother to drugs, alcohol, and depression – I almost lost myself.

After I hit bottom, I sought out help from the best that Western medicine could offer, going through conventional drug rehab programs, attending 12-Step meetings, and taking whatever medication I was given. Unfortunately, my condition didn’t improve – it got worse.

I tried to speak to my therapists, doctors, and my addiction specialist about this, explaining that the medication was merely acting as a Band-Aid, and the other methods just weren’t effective for me, but everyone told me the same thing – that the treatment I was receiving was the only way, and I am not trying hard enough, I haven’t hit rock bottom, or it was my fault for not recovering.

I came to realize that these treatment centers – even the best ones – have become stagnant and outdated. They had no interest in new ideas or methodologies that were showing better results. Their programs, which focus on talk therapy, attack therapy, labeling everyone as born with a disease, and forcing submission through medication, are all focused around the idea that addiction can’t be cured and that individuals are powerless. I found this crushing and deadening, not helpful.

Knowing that their methods weren’t working for me, I decided that I had to try to save myself. I needed to find a process that would heal my body, mind, and spirit. I needed something to inspire and empower me to help me break free from the chains of addiction that were holding me back. It was not gonna be easy, I knew this, so in 2007 I dove into research. Looking for a Natural and Holistic approach to end the addiction that was ripping me apart. What I found was a powerful set of protocols that not only cured my addiction and saved my life. That’s how I created my powerful protocol  the “Pouyan Method” it saved my life. It has been 5.5 years and I repeat the same process with others, which is exactly what I’ve been able to do at the The Ibogaine Sanctuary. I have helped almost 300 people successfully end their addictions permanently. Staffed by a highly qualified, hand-picked group of doctors, nurses, Emergency Medical Technicians, and medical personnel that are with you 24 hours a day, our goal is to ensure your safe transition into a full recovery.

Unfortunately my discovery came too late to help me save my own family, but that does not mean that it’s too late for you to save yours.

If you or loved ones are suffering from the ravages of addiction and conventional treatment programs just aren’t working, there are other options – despite what 99 percent of the “best” drug rehab centers in America will tell you. If you want to learn more about our treatment at The Ibogaine Sanctuary, please call me at 310-601-7805 to get started today.

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