ibogaine treatment program

Mexico has many ibogaine treatment centers. These centers use ibogaine to treat different drug addictions. Our ibogaine program Mexico treatment involves personalized protocols that are sound and scientifically effective. This system is offered before as well as after the administration of ibogaine. Patients who have gone through our program have reported that the program has provided the most life changing experience in their lives. Nevertheless, the ibogaine that we use is very effective and it does not overwhelm patients like other treatments for drug addiction.

No withdrawal symptom

The major reason why many patients prefer ibogaine treatment over other treatments for addiction is because it cures the withdrawal symptoms. It does this by literally resetting as well as healing opioid receptor sites in addicts brain. It has not been understood fully how this works. However, ibogaine is very effective and consistent than any other treatment approach out there to right now. Once a patient completes the Ibogaine treatment program, they do not have to use ibogaine again, it is a one time treatment, not daily doses of addictive and toxic medications like suboxone and methadone.  For the hard to heal cases, there is a small percentage of patients that require more continued treatments but this depends on the intensity and degree of addiction.The treatments are part of a lifestyle change, things like yoga, meditation, juice cleanse, carbon sauna, and exercising.

Non-addictive treatment

When you enroll in and complete an ibogaine treatment program, you will not have to take the substance continuously the way you would with other treatments. This is because ibogaine cleanses the body of other drugs while resetting the neuron chemistry of the brain. By the time you complete the treatment program, you will feel like the dependency memory has been removed from your mind as well as the body. This is the major reason and the psychological benefit that ibogaine has been considered the most effective treatment for drug addiction by most people.

Mental balance

Continued use of a drug leads to addiction or absence of balance to the brain chemistry. An effective treatment program that uses ibogaine entails the use of ibogaine to rebalance brain chemistry. This involves leveling out serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline and endorphins among others to the pre-addicted state. As such, ibogaine programs enable patients to get and feel better quickly especially when compared to cold turkey. With cold turkey, you can regain this balance after weeks or in some cases, months after you stop using the heroin or other opiates. Also, ibogaine therapy is very effective especially when it is combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle. It ends chemical dependency and cravings very fast.

Anti-depressive effects

Once you ingest ibogaine, the liver converts it into nor-ibogaine. This is stored in the body fat cells and it is the actual healer. In this form, ibogaine curbs cravings while taking away all thoughts that you may have about using drugs. To experience these feelings, it can take up to 96 hours after the treatment. Nevertheless, studies have shown that ibogaine has anti-depressive effects that create a well-being state without patterns of negative thoughts.

Safe treatment for addiction

Quitting the habit of abusing drugs is not easy especially when you have had the addiction for a long period. However, our ibogaine program provides an option for ending your addiction safely so that you can become emotionally, mentally and physically well. We embrace the culture of understanding, commitment and empathy to ensure that patients achieve their ultimate goal of ending addiction and their destructive behavior. Our premier facility provides the most ideal treatment to patients that are battling addiction.

Why our program

Perhaps, you have come across many addiction treatment programs that entail the use of ibogaine. Maybe you are wondering why you should choose our program. Our program focuses on enabling you or your loved one to overcome addiction and it is implemented and monitored by experienced, compassionate and respectful medical experts. Join our ibogaine treatment program today to overcome drug addiction safely and effectively without putting your life at risk.