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Cure for Heroin Addiction Treatment

Ibogaine Heroin Treatment: The Best Cure for Heroin Addiction

Heroin addiction is not easy to deal with. This drug is very addictive and attempts to withdrawal from the use of this drug without professional help causes severe withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, there is a safe and effective treatment of heroin now that does not cause life threatening symptoms. Today, there are drug addiction treatment centers that are using ibogaine to treat heroin addiction. At our rehab, we use ibogaine to treat heroin addiction safely and effectively. We have specialist doctors and nurses who focus on treating heroin addiction by administering the right doses of ibogaine and monitoring the progress of patients.

Why heroin addiction is not easy to overcome

Initially, heroin was used as a non-addictive morphine. It was also used to cure coughs. However, the non-addictive drug eventually became a commonly abused illegal drug. When heroine is used regularly, it produces tolerance. The body of the patient requires increased doses regularly so that they can achieve the initial high effect. When heroin is used continuously, it leads to physical dependence and psychological habituation. This is a state where the body requires the drug daily to function normally. When an addict misses a dose of heroine, they experience painful or severe withdrawal symptoms.

Getting cure for heroin addiction

Many heroin-dependent persons who try to quit using the drug on their own usually fail.   Although some of them succeed in overcoming the initial symptoms of withdrawal, they face a prolonged period of feeling awful. This leads to relapse. The rates of long-term success of withdrawing from heroin abuse and addiction are generally low. This is because most addicts are unable to maintain sobriety on their own. Traditional opiate addiction treatment has a tendency of turning into succession of rehabs and detoxifications. These do nothing apart from providing brief intermission from the active use of heroin. Only few people quite heroin abuse after traditional treatment. However, ibogaine provides the most effective and gentle treatment for heroin addiction.

How ibogaine heroin treatment works

Heroine is a clean opiate. This means that it is a pure drug and this enables it to cause addiction that is not easy to deal with. Fortunately, ibogaine, a therapeutic alkaloid, enables patients to overcome this addiction safely and successfully. It makes it easier for patients to overcome the long-lasting and painful systems of withdrawing from the use of this drug. The alkaloid works by eliminating up to 98 percent of withdrawal symptoms while alleviating post-acute withdrawal syndrome. At our rehab center, we use ibogaine to treat addiction for heroine at a medically fit environment. We have doctors and nurses who specialize in treating addiction using ibogaine. These know how ibogaine works and how to use it effectively in treating heroin addiction. When you undergo heroin ibogaine treatment at our rehab, we will use this alkaloid to resent your drug abuse habit and resent your overall habits. This means that you will be free of heroin dependence by the time you leave our rehab.


Unless you get reasonable aftercare, you will resort to using heroin after treatment. Our rehab puts you into an aftercare plan that allows you access to help that you need to avoid relapses after leaving. Since you will rejoin the community that you came from when joining our rehab, you will most likely face people, situations and challenges that may have led you into abusing heroin. Unlike other heroin drug rehabs, we ensure that you receive ongoing care even after leaving our rehab. Contact us if you want to undergo the best heroin addiction treatment.

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