Addicts who have decided to end their cycle of admission and relapse will be looking for a clinic which can help them to eliminate their addiction without the standard 12-step programs or the admission of highly-addictive pharmaceutical drugs such as Methadone. Rehabilitation is a big industry in the US, and there are also many clinics just over the border from America, such as in Mexico, or in the Caribbean, which offer to treat addicts using alternative therapies and ancient treatments. One of the treatments that these clinics offer is Ibogaine therapy. If you are looking for a clinic to offer you help with your addiction, there are some things that you need to consider.

Choosing a clinic

When you are looking for a drug rehabilitation center offering Ibogaine, your most important concern should be with the regulation and administration of the substance. Ibogaine is a natural compound, and as it is not officially regulated by pharmaceutical companies, dosages will vary between different clinics. You will need to be sure that the facility that you select is administering a standard dose of Ibogaine (between 10mg and 15mg per kilo), and that this is followed through every time.

The Ibogaine facility should also have a protocol surrounding treatment with Ibogaine. This will include preparation for taking the dose, such as dieting, withdrawing from opiates, and a thorough medical work-up. The preparation may also include psychological preparation and education about the after-effects.  Choosing a facility which has a medical license will help you to be safe and secure while at the clinic and will also allow you to be treated by highly trained medical staff.

Considerations when choosing an Ibogaine Facility

Other essentials to consider

As an addict trying to move away from chemicals and drugs, finding a clinic that offers Ibogaine treatment is only the start. In addition to this therapy, you will also need to find an Ibogaine facility which has a policy of no prescription medication, and which offers therapies other than a 12-step program. These traditional rehab treatments have been shown not to work, and you will be looking for a facility with other features instead.

You should look for a rehab clinic offering natural therapies, such as the Holistic Center, which not only offers drug-free treatment for addicts, but also provides organic food, natural and holistic therapies such as Yoga, nutritional advice and consultation, and other treatments which focus upon healing the mind and the body together.