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2 04, 2015

Ibogaine Clinic Cures Heroin Addicts

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Addiction is life-threatening. For many addicts, kicking their chemical addictions is difficult to do. Most of them have been in and out of drug rehabs but they walked out not cured.

Why? It is because the drug rehabs they have been to do not offer real healing system. Instead, they were offered with toxic substances […]

11 03, 2015

Getting to Know the Ibogaine Treatment History

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Addiction can be treated with ibogaine, which is a natural plant extract. Those who have taken it reported to have the most intense experience in their lives.

Getting to know the ibogaine treatment history takes us back to the 1930’s.

This treatment option first appeared in the 1930s to be used as a physical stimulant and for […]

6 02, 2015

Ibogaine Patient Reviews

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Over the years there have been countless patients who have undertaken various forms of treatment in the hopes of healing an addiction to narcotics and opiates. One of the biggest drawbacks for many people that have sought treatment is that the experience that occurs at many treatment centers and facilities is very similar, where […]