Ibogaine Therapy for Addiction

Majority of information available on history of addiction treatment is quite discouraging from our point of view. In most cases, it is branded as an incurable disease that you can never get away from no matter how hard to try. Unfortunately, this gospel of despair is often repeated to many addicts all over the world making them lose hope and some have even taking their lives on the same. Fortunately, hope exists in The Holistic Sanctuary, where we cure anyone suffering from drug addiction and other mental conditions once and for all. We have continuously debunked the myth that the cycle of addiction is permanent and can even be passed on from one generation to another.

When you have lost direction due to drug addiction and are looking for the last ray of hope, our healing center is the best place to be. When people have lost all faith in your ability overcome addiction to drugs and even alcohol, we will help you prove them wrong. When you have tried out all the rehabilitation methods available and still slide back to your old ways, visit our center and let us help you deal with the root cause of your addiction so that you get completely healed. If any of the statements above have you shaking your head in affirmation, then consider joining our ibogaine treatment program and see your life story change for the better.

We are confident of our use of Ibogaine as Johnny The Healer; our founder used the plant medicine among other natural treatment methods to completely overcome drug addiction. Like many in the bondage of addiction, he had reached the point of no return but with ibogaine, he was able to gain his life back prompting him to seek ways to help others in similar situations. This led him to set up The Holistic Sanctuary in Mexico and open it up to people from all over the world.

End your addiction cycle at our healing center

It is a fact that healing of addictions takes place at The Holistic Sanctuary, whether you hooked to opiates, alcohol or any other type of drugs. Individuals suffering from PTSD also get cured at the center using holistic methods that include ibogaine. As one of the leading ibogaine treatment centers in Mexico, we have done our research into the plant medicine and administer it in a safe environment in the right dosage. After a session of our ibogaine treatment, you will realize that your craving for your preferred drug will go down substantially. The rate at which you will get over your addiction will vary from one person to another but we can assure you that the journey will get easier with time.

Our main treatment tool is ibogaine, which is natural thus eliminating any side effects that are common with other drugs used in traditional rehabilitation programs. We use this plant medicine in its natural form to ensure that it is as effective as possible in your treatment program. You do not have to be afraid of picking up another addiction from drugs used to help you get over any addiction. In fact with ibogaine the benefits are much higher than with any other drug that claims to treat such addictions.

As we cure you from addiction at The Holistic Sanctuary, we do not only focus on getting you drug or alcohol-free, we also offer activities, both indoor and outdoor, that heal your mind and spirit. We believe that for the body to function well, it needs to be healthy physically, emotionally and in spirit as well. It is for this reason that Johnny The Healer came up with the Pouyan Method which focuses on healing the body as a whole. Most times, our patients leave the healing center feeling much better inside and outside which is the main goal of the program.

The cycle of addiction does not have to be true in your life or that of your loved one. We appreciate and value our patients at The Holistic Sanctuary and ensure that you get treated in the best way as you heal from vices such as drug addiction, PTSD, alcoholism and more.