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Has alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methadone, suboxone, or other  addictions taken over your life? Regain control at the Ibogaine Sanctuary, World Renowned Beachfront Ibogaine Clinic Center and World Class Medical Spa. We offer total healing, reversing, and curing for addictions of all types.

72-Hour Results with Our Highly Advanced Ibogaine Treatment – During the first hour, Ibogaine helps opiate dependent people to detox and stops withdrawal symptoms. Over the next 3 to 5 days, it diminishes cravings and the desire to use drugs, giving you the power to end your addiction and regain your life.

Prevent Relapse with Our Proven, 100% Holistic Therapies – In addition to Ibogaine treatment, we offer a wide range of holistic therapies that increase the chance for complete neurological regeneration and reconnection to stop the cycle of relapse.

Spiritual Program Removes the Underlying Cause of Your Addiction – At Our Ibogaine Treatment Center in Mexico, we believe it’s crucial to address the root cause of your addiction through a spiritual awakening to ensure that the psychological aspects of your obsession do not return.

Addiction Is Not an Incurable Disease, You can find long-term success. Every day at the Ibogaine Sanctuary, we help people turn their lives around by reversing alcoholism and drug addiction. There are many factors that cause imbalances which lead to addiction and dependency: the environment we’re in, the food we eat, the medications we take, and the stressors we face. Our highly advanced Ibogaine Therapy Protocol addresses all 4 factors by helping you to:

* Realign the Body
* Detox from all the Poisons in Your Body
* Reconnect the Body to the Spirit
* Remove Blockages and Imbalances – and Their Underlying Causes

Recover from your Addiction Today! Call to speak to our compassionate staff and enroll in our thorough and effective Ibogaine Treatment program.


Ibogaine Treatment

An all natural psychoactive alkaloid used by indigenous tribes for decades to break destructive habitual behaviors. A one of a kind experience only offered by the Ibogaine Sanctuary.

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Ibogaine Clinic

Our Ibogaine treatment clinic has 5 star accommodations and It is a state of the art, fully equipped, licensed, medical facility and one of the most remarkable Ibogaine treatment clinics in the world.

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Ibogaine Testimonials

Real People with real life experiences: Experiencing ibogaine was a life changing event. It gave me a moment to turn everything off and to re-examine myself and my life. It showed me self respect and I will never go back to using heroin

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Ibogaine History

At The Ibogaine Sanctuary we’ll show you how to embrace the power of your mind through remarkably potent coaching methods. With the help of Motivation, Inspiration and Empowerment you will be able to thrive and take charge of your life!

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Ibogaine Detox

At The Ibogaine Sanctuary you will be healed down to a cellular level. Our Innovative treatments and exclusive protocols have shown remarkable success rates with minimal to almost no withdrawals and record time recovery.

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Ibogaine Reviews

Through Meditation Therapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques we’ll help you complete the healing process by teaching you how to connect and listen to your higher self in order to completely set yourself free from the chains of dependency.

Testimonials: The Success Of Our Guests Is Our Best Attribute.

Over the last  4.5 years more than 600 patients have been healed at The Ibogaine Sanctuary, their testimonials not only make us proud of what we do but also give us the strength to continue working and believing that a better world is at the distance of a decision.

What Do Our Patients Say About Our Ibogaine Treatment

Ok I really need to thank you for all that you have done. I am impressed with your healing center! You make all the rehabs I have been to look like a prison instead of a rehab center. You guys really know your stuff.

I knew the AA 12 step crap they spoon fed me was a bunch of hogwash….. I knew I was never born with a disease, what a joke! I went to meetings for years and still relapsed, even my sponsor relapsed and his sponsor did as well. I was so sick and tired of all the people around me loosing their sobriety and their lives, I knew if I didn’t find something drastically different I too would have the same fate.

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I am going on 8 months being clean and this is the first time in 12 years that I have been drug/alcohol free. I dont need pills to sleep, or coffee to stay up, I feel fantastic! I feel like myself before my addiction took over, but much happier.

I would still be on xanax, prozac and aderall if you guys didn’t heal me. I have been to all the top rehab centers in Malibu, Mexico and Los Angeles, they all do the same thing. They are so quick to put anyone on medication. Oh and I hated 12 step meetings, I hated being forced to go. I left those meetings feeling drained and hopeless. Something just didn’t feel right. its been 8 months and I’m still drug and alcohol-free.That’s a miracle in its self! When I went to AA meetings I still drank, infact I wanted to drink more……………… I guess it just doesn’t work for some people. I’m glad I found you guys!

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