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    Has alcohol, heroin, cocaine, methadone, suboxone, or other  addictions taken over your life? Regain control at the Ibogaine Sanctuary, World Renowned Beachfront Addiction & Alcohol Healing Center and World Class Medical Spa. We offer total healing, reversing, and curing for addictions of all types.


    72-Hour Results with Our Highly Advanced Ibogaine Treatment – During the first hour, Ibogaine helps opiate dependent people to detox and stops withdrawal symptoms. Over the next 3 to 5 days, it diminishes cravings and the desire to use drugs, giving you the power to end your addiction and regain your life.


    Prevent Relapse with Our Proven, 100% Holistic Therapies – In addition to Ibogaine treatment, we offer a wide range of holistic therapies that increase the chance for complete neurological regeneration and reconnection to stop the cycle of relapse.


    Spiritual Program Removes the Underlying Cause of Your Addiction At the Ibogaine Sanctuary, we believe it’s crucial to address the root cause of your addiction through a spiritual awakening to ensure that the psychological aspects of your obsession do not return.


    Addiction Is Not an Incurable Disease, You can find long-term success. Every day at the Ibogaine Sanctuary, we help people turn their lives around by reversing alcoholism and drug addiction. There are many factors that cause imbalances which lead to addiction and dependency: the environment we’re in, the food we eat, the medications we take, and the stressors we face. Our highly advanced Ibogaine Therapy Protocol addresses all 4 factors by helping you to:


    * Realign the Body
    * Detox from all the Poisons in Your Body
    * Reconnect the Body to the Spirit
    * Remove Blockages and Imbalances – and Their Underlying Causes


    Recover from your Addiction Today! Call to speak to our compassionate staff and enroll in our thorough and effective Ibogaine Treatment program.

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